The History of ImageFreeway

Over 25 years of Helping Businesses “Go Paperless”

Software | Document Scanning | Microfilm Scanning | Outsourced Services

  • Founded in 1999, we are a software development company who understand that it takes more than just software or just hardware to craft a functional efficient workflow. Training and Change Management are the Achilles heal of all implementations.
  • ImageFreeway is one of the original pioneers of MFP to DMS scanning.
  • A 20-year-old provider of products and services that address the management of paper within an organization outside of software.
  • Provider of customized business software applications that move paper and data within a business.
  • A responsive company built and maintained on customer service.
  • A diverse background in document management built on managing projects for the Fortune 500 as well as projects for companies as small as just one attorney and a paralegal.


The world is going digital, but each organization/department sits at a different spot on the digital transformation “Freeway. For that reason, each organization/department needs a unique approach to managing their documents and data that is more than… “Buy some software”, Buy some hardware” or “Outsource some grunt work”. A copier rep needs to sell you a copier. A software rep needs to sell you software. A business process outsourcing company needs to sell you outsourced services. At ImageFreeway we’re able pull from software, hardware and services to help you improve the outcome of an existing project or, starting from scratch, create a project plan that provides you with the best possible outcome. 

Wherever you sit on the digital transformation road map ImageFreeway can help.  If you’re contemplating a project and think you would benefit from talking to 30-year veterans give us a call! We love talking to organizations who are wrestling with the best way to go about managing documents and paper and the information those documents contain.

Use the links above to get more information on our software platform, workflow capabilities, document scanning programs, and data extraction services. Usually you’ll still have questions and at the very least you’ll often want “ball park” pricing. We can help you with those needs right over the phone! Just use the “Schedule a Consult” button to schedule a phone call to review your project. The call can be as short or long as you like. CONSULTS ARE FREE!!!