Data Extraction and Workflow

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Data Extraction | File Splitting | File Renaming | Redaction

We’ve been extracting and sharing data for over 20 years.

When you think about it. Paper is nothing more than a medium of conveyance. We use paper to transmit data from one individual to another, between departments in a company or from one company to another. No matter the document name/type (human resource, accounting, contracts, case files, ECN’s, medical files, marketing forms) what you care about is the data that sits on the paper, how to share that information between databases, and how to use that data to make accessing and sharing the document more convenient (internally and externally).

ImageFreeway has been managing the data extraction and sharing needs of our clients for over 20 years. We were one of the leaders in early MFP scan to folder technologies that made it easier to scan and index documents in a workflow directly from your office copier. The capturing of information off of scanned documents and the managing of that information between disparate software applications.

Capture and extract

Build or rework the workflow to capture data directly from an eform. 

Ingest paper documents (scan), use a blend of OCR technology and data entry to create a .csv / .xls /.xml file.

Clean up and format

It’s not uncommon for captured data to be cleaned up and reformatted for ingestion into a 3rd party application. ImageFreeway supplies these services to ensure our clients are receiving the best data available in a format that allows for easy ingestion.

We capture text, type and hand written data. The data goes through a QC process to ensure it’s accuracy. More often than not that data capture involves human intervention. 


The data is managed within ImageFreeway and from there can be transferred and/or stored in one or more software platforms through the use of API’s or document sharing tools built into ImageFreeway. ImageFreeway supplies you with one integration tool for all your platforms. 

Corporate workflows that benefit from our data extraction capabilities.

Order entry

Customer Service

AP Processing

Marketing Forms


Digital Mail


Medical Coding

Use the links above to get more information on our software platform, workflow capabilities, document scanning programs, and data extraction services. Usually you’ll still have questions and at the very least you’ll often want “ball park” pricing. We can help you with those needs right over the phone! Just use the “Schedule a Consult” button to schedule a phone call to review your project. The call can be as short or long as you like. CONSULTS ARE FREE!!!